Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Wall-O-Water Keeps our Tomato Warm March 25, 2015

Here are a few shiitake mushrooms from our inoculated mushroom logs. (Read earlier posts to learn more.) There are all kinds of surprises happening this time of the year.  3-25-15

The tomato in the Wall-O-Water is doing well. It was planted mid-March. 3-25-15

The control tomato that was planted beside the Wall-O-Water tomato is just about dead. It is to the right of the rebar stake.   Though the daytime temperatures are warm, getting into the mid-70s the soil and the night air are simply too extreme for this warm weather loving plant.  3-25-15

Again, here is another shot of our garlic. It was planted in the fall and is growing well. We will harvest it in a few more months. 3-25-15

The broccoli and cauliflower are doing well.  3-25-15

The onions are starting to send up some greens. 3-25-15

Our sugar snap peas have finally sprouted. 3-25-15

Here is an up-close shot of a sugar snap pea. 3-25-15

Our radish seeds have germinated quite well. Now we must thin them before they crowd each other out.  3-25-15

Here is the same row of radish after thinning. We will have to thin them more aggressively in the next few weeks. 3-25-15

Can you guess what these are? Great! Our asparagus is coming up well. We transplanted 3-year-old crowns not long ago and will let them grow out this season without harvesting any. Our goal is make sure they thrive, so asparagus grows in this bed for decades to come! 3-25-15

The transplanted lettuces are doing well. 3-25-15

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