Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The 2015 EMGV Interns Begin With A Near Empty Garden 3-11-15

The garden beds are ready for Guildford County's Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Interns (EMGVIs) to teach county residents how to implement a three-season vegetable garden.

Here is a rough sketch of our three season vegetable garden.

The garden was recently weeded and cleaned. (3-11-15)

The crimson clover cover crop continues to grow nicely. This seed was inoculated. (3-11-15)

See more information on cover crops in NC: 

In our other bed, the cover crop did not come in as well. These seeds were not inoculated. (3-11-15)

 Only thyme and garlic were left over from last season along with the cover crops. (3-11-15)

 The garden always looks bare this time of the year, but the possibilities are endless. (3-11-15)

How will this space look in a few months? How will it look in one month? (3-11-15)

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