Thursday, April 23, 2015

Groundhog Invasion: For us, They Are Here to Stay 4/23/15

So far, our traps are empty.  However, our groundhog (Marmota monax) issues are not over, and we will continue trapping.  Read below about the rules and regulations regarding groundhogs after looking at the North Carolina map of the groundhog invasion. Notice the Virginia map. Could the residents of Virginia have shared their groundhog problems with North Carolinians?   

One major point to remember is to ask permission before relocating a groundhog. Not many homeowners, or landowners for that matter, will graciously accept a potential problem that destroys gardens and leaves potential leg breaking holes for cattle and horses to step in. It is also illegal to release groundhogs “on state or federal properties, such as state parks, gamelands, state forests, wildlife refuges or national parks (Source: see second NC Wildlife resource)."

Imagine the conversation. “Hello neighbor, do you want a varmint that decimated my flowerbeds, vegetable garden, and was the cause of my horse’s broken leg? I just hate the notion of exterminating this adorable groundhog. Oh look, I think Gary the groundhog sees your young broccoli transplants! ”

 It is crucial to understand what a groundhog is and is not. Groundhogs are rodents. Do folks relocate mice or rats? No, rodents are poisoned or trapped and killed.  Finally, we ask you to think conscientiously about what you decide to do with the groundhogs you trap.  

Source: NCWildlife.ORG 

          Source: NCWildlife.ORG

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