Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Shots from 10-07-14 and 10-21-14

Here is a mini harvest from 10-07-14.

It is a good year for jalapenos. (10-7-14)

According to an NC State publication, there are many possible insects that may have caused this problem.  (10-21-14) 

Insect Management*

Several species of caterpillars attack broccoli. Cabbage loopers, the imported cabbage worm, the diamondback moth, the cabbage webworm, and the corn earworm are commonly found feeding on leaves and stems. The cabbage aphid is also a very destructive pest on broccoli. Flea beetles also attack broccoli and can severely damage small seedlings. The severity of insect attack is much greater in fall crops. It is suggested that the control program start early (emerging seedlings) and continued on a regular basis. Consult Entomology Insect Note No. 12, Cabbage Worm Complex.

Garlic should be planted in the fall and then harvested early the following summer. Check                     back later before harvest.  (10-21-14)

Check out the write up on growing garlic from Guilford County's Interim County Extension Director and Extension Agent, Agriculture Urban Horticulture, Karen Neill:  http://guilford.ces.ncsu.edu/2012/09/growing-garlic/

Our lettuce in the foreground is beginning to bolt. Before long, it will be too bitter to enjoy. (10-21-14)

Okra is still productive even in the middle of October. (10-21-14)

Okra grows fast. If it is left too long, it will grow to this size. At this stage, its too woody to eat. (10-21-14)

Source on harvesting okra: http://content.ces.ncsu.edu/okra/

It is best to pick and eat okra at this size or smaller. (10-21-14)

Just look at this harvest! Even the shiitake mushrooms are in season. 

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