Monday, September 8, 2014

Shots from 9-8-14

The garden is not as lush as it was only weeks earlier. It is in its old age, preparing to produce enough seed for its next generation.  As a gardener, it is time to clean up and discard what is not producing and keep what is.

It was easy finding dead vegetation. (9-8-14)

 Two of our team members helped tidying up the
garden such weeding, thinning, and removing the old cucumber cages. Gardens are not self-sufficient.(9-8-14)

The tomatoes to the right are not nearly as productive as in their youth, but each plant can still produce enough to make keeping them around a little longer worthwhile. (9-8-14)

The okra is still being picked twice a week. It grows so effortlessly, yet many stores want top dollar for it. Pickled okra is selling at Earth Fare for $9.99 per pound. If only more people realized how easily it grows, they could make their own pickled okra! (9-8-14)

Of all the plants in the garden, our marigolds require the least amount of fuss. They shall win the endurance award since they went in the ground on April 12 and show no signs of weakening. We need more plants like marigolds and okra in this world!        (9-8-14)

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