Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fig and Jujube Heaven in the Demonstration Garden! (8-26-14)

Only a few yards from the Demonstration Garden's vegetable plot are the most wonderful fruit trees. Despite the date being near summer’s conclusion, the fruits that are coming into season now make this time of the year even more exceptional. 

Figs, glorious figs, call out for picking. (8-26-14)
FIG 101
 Are these two figs ready?
Yes, this fig is perfect.
Notice how the stem sags.
 It must be picked!(8-26-14)

No, this fig needs one or two
 more days. Its stem is a great
indicator. (8-26-14)
What about this fig? Would you pick it?

Scroll  to bottom to
 see the answer. (8-26-14)

 Jujube: A What?
(Ziziphus jujuba)  
Jujubes (8-26-14)
We are fortunate to have a Li Jujube in the Demonstration Garden.

Read pages 17-22 in Our Edible
Landscape or the  Jujube Publication to learn all about the Jujube. In the second publication, the Extension Horticulturist says that "Jujubes are one of the easiest to grow of the fruit crops...."  

 Jujubes (8-26-14)

 Jujubes (8-26-14)

Yes, pick this fig! If you have never had a perfectly ripe fig before, your life will be forever changed!

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