Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shots from 7-9-14

The tomatoes at the NC A&T continue to thrive.(7-9-14)

 The ants are enjoying the feast that the
okra flowers provide. Will the ants keep up
 better than humans can with picking okra?(7-9-14)
Our tomatoes have really come a long way. The
 plants on the left are mostly cherry varieties, and
the plants on the right are of the larger varieties.
This bed was planted on April 12th during the Family Gardening Event, survived a frost without any protection and continues to thrive.  More folks are  talking about eating flowers. Marigolds are one of the edible species and attract pollinators. (7-9-14)

Sources: Edible Flowers
                                                              Have You Considered Eating Your Flowers?
The harvest nears.(7-9-14)

With any irrigation system, checking on it periodically is essential. The "crater" in the center of this picture was found and the break was fixed by sticking the two ends together. Simple fixes are always welcomed! (7-9-14)

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