Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shots from 6-25-14

Another week of splendid growth is incredible. The harvest has truly begun.

Kale, mustard greens, 
beans, and beets(6-25-14)

The squash are getting huge!Their leaves are
drooping because because of the heat(6-25-14)
We had zero cucumbers last week.(6-25-14)
Our Early Girl tomatoes are
looking healthy. (6-25-14)
Two of our finest gardening interns are working hard.(6-25-14)
The reward is colossal Swiss Chard. (6-25-14)
The Marglobes tomatoes are also looking
The okra has put on tremendous
 growth in only a week. Look at
last week's post.(6-25-14)
Here are more of our
 tomatoes: staked and suckered.(6-25-14)

These are picture perfect. These tomatoes are
not too shabby for a bunch of Master Gardener
 Interns Volunteers with years worth of
The grape tomatoes are also
 growing splendidly.(6-25-14)
The zinnias are on the left
and mint is on the right.(6-25-14)

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