Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pictures from May 6, 2014

Below are some pictures from around the garden on May 6, 2014.  We will soon plant our summer crops.

This is the same square of radishes from shown in
 a previous post. Notice how rapidly they grew. Too
 bad more people do not liked eating them (leaves
and roots are edible)! Once again, they need thinning.  
Here is a view of one of our square foot gardens.
 Many of the squares are doing well and the rest
will be planted soon. Additionally, it is time to put
away our season extending hoops until the fall.
This bed is from was planted during the Family
Gardening Day. Everything survived the
20-degree low temperatures we experienced
 shortly after its planting.

The lettuce in the center square is really coming on strong.
 Also, the kale behind the sign is doing well.
Our beans are thriving. No hole-munching pests,
 specifically bean beetles, have found them yet
like in the nearby community garden.
Our summer planting will soon add much greenery to
this sparsely planted garden. 
Here is an update on the tomato seedlings from before.
They should be ready for a late planting by June.

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