Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Composting and Hardy Kiwis

Everyone has something to compost. We have both a compost tumbler and a three-bin compost system working in the Demonstration Garden.  

Some people have gym memberships while
others choose to shovel compost.
It was time to allocate one bin of compost to make
 room for a new pile.

This sprouting seed was found in the
 unfinished compost.
 Nature always does it better.

This month's recipient of the compost award was the Hardy Kiwis who recently experienced a tough pruning.

2 of our 3 Hardy Kiwis (the male does not matter)

Dumbarton Oaks:
 Named after the public garden in which an old vine of this variety was growing and from which plants of this variety were originally propagated. Has good 

Ananasnaya: The name of this variety in Russian means "pineapple like." Because of the tongue-twisting name, many nursery catalogs will refer to this variety as "Anna." The fruit is of very good quality, with a sweet aroma and intense flavor. The skin is green and develops a purple-red blush in the sun. A very vigorous vine, this variety is currently the only "standard" that we have to compare to others.
Source: Penn State Extenstion

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